Unisono - guitar solo


Solo Guitar. 
Performed by Naftali Mizrahi. 
Recorded April 2008, Jerusalem’s Music Center
Jerusalem 2007, 5′ Ca

I have tried to exhibit in this piece a very intense and expressive atmosphere which is in contrast with the naturally intimate character of the guitar. I was influenced, while writing, by the aggressive character of free jazz improvisation. Spontaneous, taking surprising risks, and playing with energy levels are the important characterizing features of improvisation. This stands on the contrary to a “classical” piece where the structure and the homogeneous use of the material play an important role. I have tried to transfer the feeling that the player is improvising, although every piece of the work is strictly written. This illusion might direct the listener after the search of spontaneous and surprises, as in improvisation, and at the same time might direct the listener to find the structure and the “classical” development. I have dedicated this piece to the brilliant guitarist, Naftali Mizrahi, who was a great part in the creative process. 

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