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new piece pelz

New piece commission of ur.werk for a premiere in Hannover, Germany

“Départs… entanglements” (“Departures… Unleashes”) is a concert series with a total of 8 concerts (4 double concerts) within the framework of the ensemble friendship between two Hanoverian ensembles and two Canadian ensembles from Montréal. The Flex Ensemble and Ensemble ur.werk, the string quartet Bozzini and the saxophone quartet Quasar will present with two premieres each …

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push ableton pelz

Research-Creation of an interface using Ableton Push

Push is an accessory that allows you to control Ableton Live. It is traditionally used, especially by DJs, to launch sequences, samples or play digital drums. The two studies I will compose will take Push far beyond this role and transform it into a digital chamber music instrument suitable for contemporary/experimental music and perfectly suited …

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Traductions – research-creation project for a percussionist and a canvas

Traductions is an interdisciplinary musical composition project for solo percussionist on amplified and processed canvas. In the performance that will result from the research-creation process, a work that is both sonic and visual will be produced by the performer’s tactile action on the canvas, through various gestures involving the hands, but also painting tools and …

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Trinite Ofer Pelz Meitar Mateo

Trinité – album – Ofer Pelz and Meitar Ensemble

New Focus Recordings catalogue – Trinité   “Brilliantly inventive music is achieved through a seeking, inquisitive mind; the music of Ofer Pelz is to be celebrated. “      –  Colin Clarke – American Record Guide – The album presents five of my works, composed between 2010 and 2017, and all performed by the Meitar …

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Dance by Nicholas Sciscione, 10 Hairy Legs dance company.  Premiered 8-10 June 2018, Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York NY. Composition and performance – Ofer Pelz Lighting Design – Jason FlamosCostume – 10 Hairy Legs This work was underwritten in part by generous grants from The O’Donnell-Green Music & Dance Foundation, The Constance Poster Trust for …

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Gamification project in CEME 2020

Gamification in CEME Festival 2020 – Tel-Aviv.  This project highlights a uniqueness in live performance—interactive music-making—by means of Game Pieces. Game pieces are musical compositions whose course is not predetermined like most pieces in classical music, but is determined in real-time according to rules, chance operations and competitive strifes between performing opponents toward a goal, …

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Backward Inductions

Backward induction is the process of reasoning backward from the end of a situation, to determine a sequence of optimal actions. The ‘end’ which this piece originated from, was a multiple-layered structure of repetitive gestures. The backward induction in this work’s creative process was the reduction and modification of the original structure to an optimal …

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For Three Tables, Percussion and Amplification Architek Percussion: Ben Duinker, Mark Morton, Ben Reimer, Alessandro Valiante. Performed and recorded at Live@CIRMMT 13th of February 2014, MMR, Mcgill University, Montreal.  Montreal 2014, 7′ Ca A Shift applies to change, transformation, rotation, and movement which all exist in music and are applied by parameters such as time, structure, order, …

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