push ableton pelz

Research-Creation of an interface using Ableton Push

Research-creation project for ableton push, together with the programator Matan Gover.

Push is an accessory that allows you to control Ableton Live. It is traditionally used, especially by DJs, to launch sequences, samples or play digital drums. The two studies I will compose will take Push far beyond this role and transform it into a digital chamber music instrument suitable for contemporary/experimental music and perfectly suited for my artistic practice.

Both studies will be stand-alone works that will allow me to develop an interface for Push that will meet my musical needs in my preferred aesthetic, both for this project and for other future projects. This custom control interface will allow me to interact with Push in a natural and spontaneous way, as one does with a musical instrument. The goal is to free Push from the constraints of electronic instruments that often involve turning knobs or adjusting sliders, making Push an instrument in its own right, suitable for use on stage and reacting in symbiosis with other improvising performers.