Main projects

Ensemble Tesse

ensemble tesse is a group of six established musicians from the Montreal musical scene with an objective to co-create new musical works.


For Violin, Cello, Accordion, and Piano. Commissioned by ensemble Cairn for the festival Ensemble[s] in Paris.

Concerti (ensemble tesse)

A new project of ensemble tesse in continuation of Correspondances. The ensemble creates 6 short concerti, one for each member.

Correspondances (ensemble tesse)

For ensemble tesse – Correspondances is elaborated as a collective composition, bringing together individual improvisations that communicate with each other.

Whim Ensemble

Ofer Pelz, prepared piano, Preston Beebe, percussion, Stéphane Diamantakiou, double bass.

Gamification project – CEME 2020

Gamification in CEME Festival 2020 – Tel-Aviv.  This project highlights a uniqueness in live performance—interactive music-making—by means of Game Pieces. Game pieces are musical compositions


Album by Whim ensemble (Ofer Pelz – prepared piano, Preston Beebe – percussions)


For Three Tables, Percussion and Amplification

Flem 50

Revision of Mumma’s piece, installation, and electroacoustic interludes


Project of several game pieces for two ensembles and electronics

Crossing Borders

45th Parallel Line by Ofer Pelz
for 5 voices and 6 instruments for the project “Crossing Borders” – Meitar ensemble and Neue Vocalsolisten


Music for choreography by Nicholas Sciscione, 10HL