Pn, Cl, Vln & Vc. 
For Meitar Ensemble. 
Premier, July 2007, Kfar-Blum Music Festival. 
Jerusalem 2007, 12′ Ca

Piece with two parts, written in 2008 especially for Meitar Ensemble; for clarinet, violin, cello and piano.
The first part is very intensive, counterpointed, and creates a chaotic sensation. The second part is, in its character, a contradiction with the first part; it is slow, partly meditative, and with a harmonic and equalized feeling. The piece provokes a controversy between its two parts, which makes them complement each other.
I was influenced by the character of free jazz improvisation. I have tried to create an illusion that the ensemble is improvising, although everything is strictly written. This illusion may direct the listener to search for the surprises and spontaneity of an improvisation, while making him otherwise sensitive to the structure and form that characterize the development of a written piece. 
The piece was premiered in Kfar-Blum Music Festival and was replayed in many occasions around the world.

Recorded at HaTeiva hall, Jaffa, by Tzachi Avital. 

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