Trinite Ofer Pelz Meitar Mateo

Trinité – album – Ofer Pelz and Meitar Ensemble

The album Trinité featuring music by Ofer Pelz played by Meitar Ensemble released by New Focus Recordings June 11th.

New Focus Recordings catalogue – Trinité

This album celebrates the culmination of an eight-year-long collaboration between Ofer Pelz and Meitar Ensemble, during the years 2011 to 2019. Over the years, Meitar Ensemble commissioned two of the pieces in this collection and have played all of them many times over in festivals and venues around the world. The works are conducted by Pierre André Valade (Meitar Ensemble?s conductor in residence), Guy Feder, and Renaud Déjardin. Quatuor Ardeo features together with Meitar Ensemble in Blanc sur Blanc

The title, Trinité, is derived from the artwork on the CD cover (which bears the same name), and which was generously contributed by Montreal-based French artist, Mateo. 

Album cover - Trinite Ofer Pelz Meitar Mateo

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