Pour violon, violoncelle, accordéon et piano. Commande de l'ensemble Cairn pour le festival Ensemble[s] à Paris.

My work often begins with the search for a sound image. In Tracé, this image is constructed by granular points, which, by their proximity to each other, form a body. This body repeats and transforms itself constantly, keeping the trace of past events and tracing future ones. I often explore repetition in my music in an inexact way: slight changes occur with each iteration, and these changes are found both in the musical material itself and in the variation of the auditory perspective. In this project, I explore the isorhythmic or “color- talea” quite extensively for added complexity and interest in my “repetitive” system.

The accordion and piano are the instruments I played during my musical training, and this commission is an excellent opportunity for me to use these instruments as a composer. The contrast between the harmonic instruments (piano and accordion), and the melodic instruments (violin and cello) make a playful subject of attacks, resonance, and timbral exploration.

The piece is constructed in five movements: La Délicatesse, Sapiens 1, A horse walk into a bar, Sapiens 2, and Immortality. Although the movements are contrasting in style, they all explore common gestural elements or common traces.

Cette ?uvre a bénéficié de l?aide à l?écriture du Ministère de la culture français.