• Trees - Whim ensemble (Ofer Pelz, Preston Beebe, Stéphane Diamantakiou). Released by Parma Recordings -
  • Trinité - Ofer Pelz and Meitar Ensemble.Released by New Focus Recordings -
  • Disque Bleu - Quasar quatuor de saxophones, featuring "I need to hear it first" -
  • Labyrinth - David Greilsammer, including repetition Blindness. Released by Naive records -
  • prefall - Whim Ensemble, music by Ofer Pelz and Preston Beebe, Ofer Pelz - prepared piano, Preston Beebe - percussions. Released by Ambiances Magnétiques on March 23rd 2019 -
  • WHIM - music by Ofer Pelz and Preston Beebe, Ofer Pelz - prepared piano, Preston Beebe - percussions. Released by Kohlenstoff records on June 4th 2016 - Kohlenstoff records
  • CD: released by The Israel Contemporary Players featuring "Do Bats Eat Cats?"
  • CD: "Equilibrium", featuring InsideOut, Equilibrium, Unisono and Moro Lasso


  • "Musical Cultural Identity: What Is It? A Composer?s Perspective on Music Schools and Tendencies", published in: Classical post -
  • Leone, David and Pelz, Ofer, "Ofer Pelz: unstable repetition. An interview introduced, and edited by F. D. Leone?, Musica Kaleidoskopea, a kaleidoscopic view of music blog by F.D. Leone -
  • Thesis: ?Vers une forme répétitive instable: recherche de nouveaux moyens d?expression par la répétition de gestes et de textures complexes?, published in: Papyrus: Institutional Repository, Université de Montréal (in French) - Supervisors: Ana Sokolovic and Caroline Traube
  • Article: Goldman, Jonathan and Pelz, Ofer, "Ofer Pelz in search of interactions. An interview introduced, transcribed and edited by Jonathan Goldman?, Peimot revue musicale et culturelle, Resling, vol. 3 (2016), peer-reviewed.
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  • Article: Liouba Bouscant, (avec la collaboration d?Ofer Pelz et de Michel Gonneville), « Matériaux anciens dans la musique contemporaine actuelle: postmodernisme et modernisme en questions », Revue musicale OICRM, vol. 2, no 2, 2015, p. 1-44
  • Article: "The relation between composer and performer" Tav+: Music, Arts, Society, no. 11. 51?53.

Audio interviews

  • Radio interview with Ofer Pelz at CKUT (Montreal) - Music by Ofer Pelz, Amit Gilutz, Ophir Ilzetzki, Hadas Peery, Nimrod Sahar, Arie Shapira... Link to the interview (1h30~)