pre fall cover album


pre fall cover album
?The avant-garde duo of pianist Ofer Pelz and percussionist Preston Beebe just released Pre-Fall, an amalgamation of various experiments in the spontaneous synchronicity of the two performers here. While the recorded output is a fantastic experience in its own right, there is something truly mesmerizing in witnessing such performance being played live, as I had the chance to. Hopefully, you?ll get to do the same, but in the meantime, let this incredible release engulf you whole.?
"Prepared piano and percussion from Ofer Pelz and Preston Beebe, the percussionist using a diverse set of approaches to drums, cymbals and devices, blurring the sonic distinctions with Israeli-born Montreal-based pianist Ofer Pelz, who's preparations transform the piano in remarkable ways as the two focus on time, texture, space, and ambiance through seven fascinating improvisations. The interesting aspects of this duo's work is found in their pacing, which maintains a level of introspection despite each player's sometimes very active contributions. There is never any sense of frenetic or chaotic release, yet both players ebb and swell in response to the other player, with intense concentration and profoundly creative intent."
? fascinating timbres and textures full of details.

Pre-fall emerged through the process of researching and exploring the interactions between our sound worlds. We created a progressive work derived from a thematic core that is shown in different angles, perspectives, and dimensions. On the one hand, the musical material is developed by imitating the electroacoustic compositional process, where a basic pattern is extracted and manipulated through different techniques such as cutting, splicing, looping, reversing, etc. On the other hand, new creative possibilities emerge as we add our spontaneous reactions that are characteristic of improvisation. Our music is composed in a perspective of reciprocal influence, in response to the different musical expressions proposed by the other, so as to generate a sound loop always seeking to complete and enhance each other?s ideas. The name pre-fall can have multiple meanings, and we would like to keep that ambiguous. The title of each piece is simply the countdown of the total duration of the album.

? Ofer Pelz & Preston Beebe

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