Large ensemble/Orchestra

45th Parallel line- crossing borders

Mini opera for voice and ensemble.
Commissioned by Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart and Meitar ensemble In collaboration with Sarah Nemtsov and Omer Sheisaf.
Soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello, and piano
Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and Goethe Institut.

Climax (ou Éléments)

Chamber orchestra.
Commissioned by Geneva Camerata with support from “The Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund”, conducted by David Greilsammer, choreography and dance by Nicolas Cantillon, CIE 7273
Montreal 2015/16, 14? Ca


15 instruments.
Played by The Israel Contemporary Players. Conducted by Zsolt Nagy.
First version read by Le NEM, conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt.
Premiered April 5 and 6, 2014, Tagliot concert series – Tel aviv Museum & Jerusalem Music Centre
Montreal 2012/14, 10? Ca

Blanc sur Blanc

For 2 amplified ensembles –  Meitar Ensemble: Fl, Cl, Pno, and Ardeo string quartet.
Conducted by Renaud Dejardin.
Commissioned by the Zeitkunst Festival and Meitar Ensemble.
Premiered November 2011, Zeitkunst Festival –  Radialsystem V, Berlin
and Centre Pompidou, Paris
Paris/Montreal 2011, 13′ Ca

Do Bats eat Cats?

Fl, Cl, Vln, Vla, Vlc, Cb, Pn & Perc.
Commissioned by The Israel Contemporary Players and Ernst Von Siemens.
Premiere, March 2011, conducted by Jean-Michael Lavoie.
Recording, May 2011, conducted by Zsolt Nagy, Ha-Teiva, Tel-Aviv.
Paris 2011, 12′ Ca


Violoncello, electronics and 9 Instruments.
Solo Violoncello D. Zur, Conducted by K. Ben-Josef .
Premiere, April 2008, Jerusalem?s Music Center.
Revision, October 2008, Israel Music Festival, Jerusalem’s Theatre.
Jerusalem 2008, 19′ Ca


Musique de chambre

I need to hear it first

Commissioned by Quasar Saxophone Quartet with support by Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter program.
Premiered April 31st, 2018, Le Gesu, Montreal.
2018, 12′ Ca

marchons, marchons

fl. cl. pno. vln. & vnc
For Sentiari Selvaggi, Feeding the music Festival, Expo, Milano.
Revision and new performance – Meitar ensemble, conducted by Pierre-André Valade, Manifeste Festival, IRCAM/Centre Pompidou, Paris
Montreal 2016, 11? Ca


Amplified percussion quartet
For Architek percussion quartet, Live@CIRMMT concert series.
Premiered February 13, 2014, Live@CIRMMT, Mcgill University, Montreal.
Montreal 2013-14, 7? Ca

Unisoni Trasparenti

Fl, Cl, Bsn, Vln, Vc, & Elec.
Commissioned by Meitar Ensemble conducted by Karin Ben-Josef.
Premiere, December 2009, Hateiva, Tel-Aviv.
Paris 2009, 16′ Ca

2 et Demi

Vln, Gtr, T. Sax & Perc.
For Cairn Ensemble.
Premiere, July 2009, Forum Blanc-Mesnil, France.
Paris 2009, 5′ Ca


Pn, Cl, Vln & Vc.
For Meitar Ensemble.
Premiere, July 2007, Kfar-Blum Music Festival.
Jerusalem 2007, 12′ Ca

Moro Lasso

Vocal quintette.
Premiered by the Academy soloists July 2007, Navon Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2006, 9′ Ca


Violin and Piano.
Performed by S. Albo, O. Pelz, July 2007, Navon Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2006, 3′ Ca

No hay banda

Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Pn and Tape.
Performed by A. Geiger, I. Kalinka, N. Levi, N. Cohen, S. Vinokor,
July 2005, JAMD Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2005, 11′ Ca

Colors in a fog

Violin and Violoncello.
Performed by Sh. Cohen, L. Yariv, July 2005, JAMD Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2004, 8′ Ca

Constant motion

Violin and Violoncello.
Performed by E. Gurewitz, S. Falkovich, June 2003, JAMD Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2003, 8′ Ca

Six small pieces

Fl, Ob, Cl & Bsn.
Wizo-Canada Auditorium, Haifa.
Haifa 1996, 6′ Ca


Flute and Clarinet.
Wizo-Canada Auditorium, Haifa.
Haifa 1996, 6′ Ca



Repetition Blidness

Piano solo
Commissioned by David Greilsammer with support from The Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund
Montreal 2017, 7′ Ca


Alto Flute and Electronics
For Cairn Ensemble. 
Performed by Cedric Jullion. Recording for electroacoustic part by Paolo Vigneroli, June 2010, CRD Blanc-Mesnil.
Paris 2010, 7′ Ca

Backward Inductions

Augmented piano (prepared and amplified piano) 
Commissioned by Julia Den-Boer, Live@CIRMMT concert series. 
Premiered April 24, 2014, Live@CIRMMT, Mcgill University, Montreal. 
Montreal 2013-14, 11? Ca


Solo clarinet 
Commissioned by Ex Novo ensemble and Teatro La Fenice.
Realized in collaboration with the clarinet player Camille Fauvet
Premiered July 7, 2015, Davide Teodoro, Ex Novo ensemble, Venice. 
Montreal 2015, 3? Ca


Violin and live electronics – ?interactive bow” installation.
Performed by H. Peery, April 2011 CNSMD, Paris
Paris 2011, 5′ Ca


Solo Piano. 
Commissioned by the ICL.
Performed by N. H. Meiri, September 2009, Israel Music Festival, Tel-Aviv Museum. 
Tel-Aviv 2009, 6′ Ca

Clean Dust

Harp and Electronics. 
For Multilateral Ensemble. (work in progress)


Solo Guitar. 
Performed by Naftali Mizrahi. 
Premiere, April 2008, Jerusalem?s Music Center.
Jerusalem 2008, 5’Ca


Solo Viola.
Performed by G. Wolf, July 2007, Navon Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2006, 8′ Ca

Prelude for Clarinet

Performed by Y. Meidan, June 2003, JAMD Auditorium, Jerusalem. 
Jerusalem 2002, 3′ Ca


Électroacoustique et musique mixte


Commissioned by the SMCQ for Montreal Nouvelle Musique 
Montreal 2017, 15′ 

Etude for disklavier & electronics

Montreal 2012, 4? Ca

The Movement of the Mass

Premiere, June 2009 Auditorium KM Pantin. Revision, January 2012 Salle Calude Champagne, Montreal. – Paris 2009, 7’15”

Sweet and LowDown

Premiere, March 2009 Auditorium KM Pantin. – Pantin 2009, 4’30”

Blanc sur Blanc, Equilibrium – see under Ensemble | Orchestre section

Shift, Unisoni Trasparenti, No Hay Banda – see under Musique de chambre section

Backward Inductions Convergence, Vibrations – see under section solo

172, LeconDeTénèbre, Kmatim – see under Pour la danse section


Pour la danse


Electroacoustic installation work for a dance by François Raffinot. 
music – François Sarhan, electroacoustic – Ofer Pelz
Premiere, February 2010 CDC, Toulouse.
Paris/Toulouse 2010, 30′ Ca

Music for dance by Nicholas Sciscione, 10 Hairy Legs dance company. Premiered June 6th, 2018, Baryshnikov Arts Center,
New York, NY. Montreal 2018, 12?

Solo Piano.
Experimental animation film by K. Srugo.
2008, Bezalel, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2008, 4′


Violoncello, Contrabass and Tape.
Music for short film By D. Keidar.
2008, Haifa?s international film festival.


Violoncello and Tape.
Music for dance by Sh. Zisowitch . Performed by M. Belzismann. 
2007, The-Lab, Jerusalem 
Jerusalem 2007, 5′
(see Media – Video) 

The One I Loved

Symphonic Orchestra
Music for stop motion animation film by D. Basher. 
Performed by the Hamahapecha orchestra, 
conducted by R. Openheim, 2005 Israel Festival, Jerusalem?s Theatre. 
Jerusalem 2005, 5′
(see Media – Video) 

The Other Side of the Story

Symphonic Orchestra.
Music for animation film by O. Ventura.
Performed by the Hamahapecha orchestra, 
conducted by R. Openheim, 2005 Israel Festival, Jerusalem?s Theatre. 
Jerusalem 2003, 5′
(see Media – Video) 


Solo Piano,
Written for dance.
Performed by O. Pelz, June 2003, Suzan Dallal Center – Tel-Aviv. 
Tel-Aviv 2003, 5′ Ca


Œuvres ouvertes | Improvisations

Sound tracks

Open instrumentation and video interface, written in collaboration with Matan Gover. Premiered by ensemble Aka, live@CIRMMT series, Tanna Schulich hall Montreal. 2019 7′ Ca

Written for Ensemble Aka. A graphical game is projected to the musicians and the audience. The game interface presents symbols that approach the musicians and is inspired by Harmonix?s Guitar Hero. Each symbol represents a different musical element – musical gesture, short phrase, a note and so on. The musicians must interpret the symbols in a precise moment according to the animation, while also adding their own musical interpretations in an improvised manner. This piece is a collaboration between Ofer Pelz and Matan Gover.


Open instrumentation and electronic interface. Premiered by ensemble Aka, live@CIRMMT series, Tanna Schulich hall Montreal. 2019 7′ Ca

In Swedish, ?viskleken? means ?whispers? and is referred to the Telephone Game. This piece is influenced by this famous game – a message which is repeated and mutated at every repetition. The piece deals with improvisation and imitation for two players and electronics. Written for Ensemble Aka, the two musicians, led by a computer operator, try to imitate each other?s musical phrases over and over with the expected mistakes on subsequent repetitions, resulting in increasing musical complexity over the course of the game.


172 -voir sous Pour la danse section

Whim Ensemble

On the verge of composed and improvised music, Whim ensemble (Ofer Pelz, prepared piano & Preston Beebe, percussion) creates percussive landscapes by inventing instrument modifications and techniques to build an unusually rich sound world.

pre-fall released by Ambiances Magnétiques on June 4th, 2016

Whim – released by Kohlenstoff records June 4th, 2016


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