Project of several game pieces for two ensembles and electronics

From CIRMMT website –

Game pieces are musical compositions whose course is not predetermined like most pieces in classical music, but is determined in real-time according to rules, chance operations and competitive strifes between performing opponents toward a goal, similar to sports and video games. Game Pieces showcase exciting, spontaneous interactions on stage, providing enriching and unique concert experiences to modern audiences.

The program includes the Gamification of Human-Computer Interaction in a Music project, supported by Conseil des Arts de Montreal, for Ensembles AKA and Whim with new works by Ofer Pelz, Matan Gover, Takuto Fukuda, Kevin Gironnay and Ana Dall’Ara Majek. 

    •  Sound Tracks (2019)* (AKA)
      • Ofer Pelz & Matan Gover
    • Speed (2019)* (AKA)
      • Takuto Fukuda
    • TiaoHo (2019)* (Whim)
      • Kevin Gironnay
    • Viskleken (2019)*(AKA)
      • Ofer Pelz
    • Mosaïque 9 (2019)* (AKA & Whim)
      • Ana Dall’Ara Majek  
* World Premiere 
Ensemble AKA: Marilène Provencher-Leduc, flute & Tommy Davis, saxophone
Whim Ensemble: Ofer Pelz, prepared piano & Preston Beebe, percussion

The Gamification of Human-Computer Interaction in Music project is supported by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal.CAM logo-colour