Project of several game pieces for two ensembles and electronics

Exploring Game Pieces and The Gamification of Human-Computer Interaction in Music

Discover the world of game pieces in classical music, where compositions unfold in real-time through rules, chance operations, and friendly competition between performers, similar to sports and video games. These dynamic performances deliver spontaneous interactions on stage, creating unique concert experiences for modern audiences.

The concert program includes the Gamification of Human-Computer Interaction in Music project, supported by the Conseil des Arts de Montreal, featuring works by composers Ofer Pelz, Matan Gover, Takuto Fukuda, Kevin Gironnay, and Ana Dall?Ara Majek. The event showcases performances by Ensembles AKA and Whim.

Highlighted Works:

  1. Sound Tracks (2019)* – AKA Composed by Ofer Pelz & Matan Gover

  2. Speed (2019)* – AKA Composed by Takuto Fukuda

  3. TiaoHo (2019)* – Whim Composed by Kevin Gironnay

  4. Viskleken (2019)* – AKA Composed by Ofer Pelz

  5. Mosaïque 9 (2019)* – AKA & Whim Composed by Ana Dall?Ara Majek

*World Premiere

Ensemble AKA includes Marilène Provencher-Leduc on the flute and Tommy Davis on the saxophone. Whim Ensemble features Ofer Pelz on the prepared piano and Preston Beebe on percussion.

Artistic direction and production are handled by Takuto Fukuda et Ofer Pelz.

This event is made possible with the support of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal.

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