Gamification project in CEME 2020

Gamification in CEME Festival 2020 – Tel-Aviv. 

This project highlights a uniqueness in live performance?interactive music-making?by means of Game Pieces. Game pieces are musical compositions whose course is not predetermined like most pieces in classical music, but is determined in real-time according to rules, chance operations and competitive strifes between performing opponents toward a goal, similar to sports and video games. Three different game pieces by Ofer Pelz and Matan Gover are presented in this concert after a long workshop and collaboration with Tedarim members. Each piece highlights a different ?game?, where the unfolding of the compositions is determined by real-time rules, luck, competition and interaction between musicians to technology. 

Tedarim members  – Ska Cuturrufo Pierotic, Kai Jack, Santiago Kuschnir, Vesna Mitar, and René Mayoral.

Ofer Pelz – ?Telephone?

Ofer Pelz – ?Tic?

Ofer Pelz and Matan Gover – ?Sound tracks?


We thank the support of the Conseil des arts et des Lettres du Québec and Canada Council for the Arts

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