Equilibrium - CD

Equilibrium (piece)

Violoncello, electronics and 9 Instruments.

Solo Violoncello David Zur, Conducted by Karin Ben-Josef . 
Premiere, April 2008, Jerusalem?s Music Center. 
Revision, October 2008, Israel Music Festival, Jerusalem’s Theatre. 
Jerusalem 2008, 19′ Ca

Equilibrium is a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces or influences. Energy must be created for changing this balanced situation. 
This is a work written for cello, electronics and ensemble (2007-8). The work consists of one part with a number of sections. The composition opens with a long duet between the cello and the electronics. Both are on the same high note. This “static” starting point represents for me a kind of equilibrium, a lack of movement from which one can part in any direction if there is something that breaks the equilibrium. 
The electronics were sampled by the recorded sounds of cello, adapted and distorted so much that sometimes it is difficult to identify the original sound. I tried to give the electronics a timbre and characters similar to a cello, that can complement it and extend its abilities. 
The piece was premiered at Jerusalem Music Center. Solo Violoncello David Zur, Conducted by Karin Ben-Josef. 

The piece is featured in a CD named “Equilibrium” including InsideOut, Unisono, Moro Lasso and Equilibrium.