Roy Amotz


Flûte alto et électronique

For Cairn Ensemble. 
Premiered by Cedric Jullion, Cairn Ensemble June 2011 at CRD Blanc Mesnil. Recording by Roy Amotz, December 2013.
Paris 2010, 7′ Ca

In this work, I explored the idea of a granulation (segmented sound), that becomes denser until a complete convergence ? a long note. This idea also derives from the metaphor of the natural bouncing of a rubber material. The idea can be found in the macro ? the general form of the piece, and in the micro ? the construction of an individual sound. The work was written in collaboration with Paolo Vignaroli who contributed to the electroacoustic part and premiered by Cedric Jullion from Cairn Ensemble in Blanc-Mesnil.

Roy Amotz – Flute 
Paolo Vignaroli – Flute sampling
Samuel Bonnet (Studio Acoustique Mobile) – recording technician
Matthieu Duvault – recording assistant
Julie Delisle – recording assistant
Ofer Pelz – recording producer
Ofer Pelz, Samuel Bonnet – mix
Recorded at the music faculty studio, University of Montreal, mixed at CIRMMT, Montreal

Performances of Convergence:

15/03/2020 Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain, Luzern

Convergence played by Matthieu Grandola at Hochschule für Musik Luzern?

18/04/2019 Elektramusic ? Concert Musiques Mixtes, Auditorium du MAMCS ? Place Jean Arp, Strasbourg, France

Convergence played by Coline Charnier at Elektramusic series

Facebook event

09/06/2019 Concert Electramusic, Usine Kugler, Geneva

Coline Charnier | flute, Paul Clouvel | electroacoustic diffusion

Ofer Pelz ? Convergence (2010), Line Katcho ? Shapeshifter and Semaphore, Pierre Jodlowski ? Limite circulaire, Dai Fujikura ? Poison Mushroom, Frédéric Kahn ? Matière non particulée

Facebook event

May 7th 2016 at 8:30pm, This is what happens when you play with electricity, Teiva, Tel-Aviv

Convergence for flute and electronics played by Hagar Shahal. 

Concert event

September 9th 2013 at 4pm, at ?Recanatti hall?, Tel-Aviv Museum. 

Convergence played by Roy Amotz from Meitar Ensemble 

Meitar ensemble calendar 

February 7th 2014 at 1:00pm, Sweet Dreams

at The Ran Baron Hall, the Center for New Music, the Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv. 
Convergence for alto flute and electronics played Roy Amotz from Meitar Ensemble. 

Meitar ensemble concert series

December 2nd 2011, 29th ACL Festival ? Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

?Convergence?, for flute and electronics. 

ACL Festival Site

December 8th at 8pm 2011,  Flute panting, Enav Cultural Center, Tel Aviv.

Meitar Ensemble Flute: Roy Amotz 
?Convergence?, for flute and electronics.

Meitar Ensemble Site

March 8th 2011,  Claremont Auditorium, Buchman-Metta School, Tel Aviv

Meitar Ensemble Flute: Roy Amotz 
Convergence, for flute and electronics. 

Meitar Ensemble Site

March 17th 2011,  Jerusalem Music Center

Meitar Ensemble Flute: Roy Amotz 
Convergence, for flute and electronics. 

Meitar Ensemble Site

Paolo Vigneroli July 2011 Conservatoire Georges Bizet, Paris

Premiered by Cedric Jullion, Cairn Ensemble June 2011 at CRD Blanc Mesnil.15