Concerti (ensemble tesse)

A new project of ensemble tesse in continuation of Correspondances. The ensemble creates 6 concerti, one for each member. A recording for an audio-visual album

The six members of Ensemble Tesse propose to create new musical work, putting successively in the foreground each of the six soloists and virtuoso improvisers of the ensemble. The ensemble wishes to make use of the concertante formula, coming from the classical, baroque, or romantic musical tradition (Concertos or Concertos grossos), in which one or more soloists are accompanied by an orchestra or a chamber orchestra, and then adapt it to the reality of our Ensemble and to its contemporary musical genre, halfway between improvisation and collective creation.

The project took place during 2021-2022 and will be available soon as an audio-visual album.

The project is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and is in progress