Backward inductions

Backward Inductions

For augmented piano

Backward induction is the process of reasoning backward from the end of a situation, to determine a sequence of optimal actions. The ?end? which this piece originated from, was a multiple-layered structure of repetitive gestures. The backward induction in this work?s creative process was the reduction and modification of the original structure to an optimal sequence (comparable to sculpture-making through stone carving).

The piece was written for an augmented piano (prepared and especially amplified piano). Percussive objects and instruments besides the piano are triggered by the amplification system. Contact microphones on the piano strings capture audio signals that are directed to contact speakers on the percussive objects. It is possible to play this piece also with a ?normal? prepared piano or with a piano with no preparation.

The piece was written for Julia Den-Boer, Live@CIRMMT series concert and revised in 2017 for the pianist Amit Dolberg.


  • Video by Yoel Culiner. 
  • Amit Dolberg ? piano
  • Rafi Eshel ? recording and mix
  • Ofer Pelz ? composition and electronic technician