Alto Flute and Electronics. 
Roy Amotz Flute. 
For Cairn Ensemble. 
Premiered by Cedric Jullion, Cairn Ensemble June 2011 at CRD Blanc Mesnil. Recording by Roy Amotz, December 2013.
Paris 2010, 7′ Ca

In this work I explored the idea of a granulation (segmented sound), that becomes more and more dense until a complete convergence – a long note.
This idea drives also from the metaphor of the natural bouncing of a rubber material.
The idea can be found in the macro – the general form of the piece, and in the micro – the construction of an individual sound.
The work was written in collaboration with Paolo Vignaroli, and premiered by Cedric Jullion from Cairn Ensemble in Blanc-Mesnil.

Paolo Vignaroli – Flute sampling
Samuel Bonnet (Studio Acoustique Mobile) – recording technician
Matthieu Duvault – recording assistant
Julie Delisle – recording assistant
Ofer Pelz – recording producer
Ofer Pelz, Samuel Bonnet – mix
Recorded at the music faculty studio, University of Montreal, mixed at CIRMMT, Montreal

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