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Climax (ou Éléments)

Chamber orchestra.
Commissioned by Geneva Camerata with support from "The Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund", conducted by David Greilsammer, choreography and dance by Nicolas Cantillon, CIE 7273
Montreal 2015/16, 14’ Ca

marchons, marchons

fl. cl. pno. vln. & vnc
For Sentiari Selvaggi, Feeding the music Festival, Expo, Milano.
Revision and new performance - Meitar ensemble, conducted by Pierre-André Valade, Manifeste Festival, IRCAM/Centre Pompidou, Paris
Montreal 2014/16, 11’ Ca


15 instruments.
Played by The Israel Contemporary Players. Conducted by Zsolt Nagy.
First version read by Le NEM, conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt.
Premiered April 5 and 6, 2014, Tagliot concert series - Tel aviv Museum & Jerusalem Music Centre
Montreal 2012/14, 10’ Ca


Amplified percussion quartet
For Architek percussion quartet, Live@CIRMMT concert series.
Premiered February 13, 2014, Live@CIRMMT, Mcgill University, Montreal.
Montreal 2013-14, 7’ Ca

Chinese Whispers

fl. cl. pno. vln. vnc & amplification
Commissioned by Meitar Ensemble, MATA Festival NY
Premiered April 18, 2013, MATA Festival - Roulette, Brooklyn.
Revised March 6 2015, Montreal New Music Festival.
Montreal 2013/15, 11’ Ca

Blanc sur Blanc

For 2 ensembles -  Meitar Ensemble: Fl, Cl, Pno, and Ardeo string quartet.
Conducted by Renaud Dejardin.
Commissioned by the Zeitkunst Festival and Meitar Ensemble.
Premiered November 2011, Zeitkunst Festival -  Radialsystem V, Berlin
and Centre Pompidou, Paris
Paris/Montreal 2011, 13' Ca

Do Bats eat Cats?

Fl, Cl, Vln, Vla, Vlc, Cb, Pn & Perc.
Commissioned by The Israel Contemporary Players and Ernst Von Siemens.
Premiere, March 2011, conducted by Jean-Michael Lavoie.
Recording, May 2011, conducted by Zsolt Nagy, Ha-Teiva, Tel-Aviv.
Paris 2011, 12' Ca

Unisoni Trasparenti

Fl, Cl, Bsn, Vln, Vc, & Elec.
Commissioned by Meitar Ensemble conducted by Karin Ben-Josef.
Premiere, December 2009, Hateiva, Tel-Aviv.
Paris 2009, 16' Ca

2 et Demi

Vln, Gtr, T. Sax & Perc.
For Cairn Ensemble.
Premiere, July 2009, Forum Blanc-Mesnil, France.
Paris 2009, 5' Ca


Violoncello, electronics and 9 Instruments.
Solo Violoncello D. Zur, Conducted by K. Ben-Josef .
Premiere, April 2008, Jerusalem’s Music Center.
Revision, October 2008, Israel Music Festival, Jerusalem's Theatre.
Jerusalem 2008, 19' Ca


Pn, Cl, Vln & Vc.
For Meitar Ensemble.
Premiere, July 2007, Kfar-Blum Music Festival.
Jerusalem 2007, 12' Ca

Moro Lasso

Vocal quintette.
Premiered by the Academy soloists July 2007, Navon Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2006, 9' Ca


Violin and Piano.
Performed by S. Albo, O. Pelz, July 2007, Navon Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2006, 3' Ca

No hay banda

Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Pn and Tape.
Performed by A. Geiger, I. Kalinka, N. Levi, N. Cohen, S. Vinokor,
July 2005, JAMD Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2005, 11' Ca

Colors in a fog

Violin and Violoncello.
Performed by Sh. Cohen, L. Yariv, July 2005, JAMD Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2004, 8' Ca

Constant motion

Violin and Violoncello.
Performed by E. Gurewitz, S. Falkovich, June 2003, JAMD Auditorium, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 2003, 8' Ca

Six small pieces

Fl, Ob, Cl & Bsn.
Wizo-Canada Auditorium, Haifa.
Haifa 1996, 6' Ca


Flute and Clarinet.
Wizo-Canada Auditorium, Haifa.
Haifa 1996, 6' Ca

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