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Alto Flute and Electronics.
Roy Amotz Flute.
For Cairn Ensemble.
Premiered by Cedric Jullion. Recording by Roy Amotz, December 2013.
Paris 2010, 7' Ca

In this work I explored the idea of a granulation (segmented sound), that becomes more and more dense until a complete convergence - a long note.
This idea drives also from the metaphor of the natural bouncing of a rubber material.
The idea can be found in the macro - the general form of the piece, and in the micro - the construction of an individual sound.
The work was premiered by Cedric Jullion from Cairn Ensemble in Blanc-Mesnil.

Flute sampeling by Paolo Vignaroli.
Samuel Bonnet (Studio Acoustique Mobile) - recording technician
Matthieu Duvault - recording assistant
Julie Delisle - recording musical assistant
Ofer Pelz - recording producer
Ofer Pelz, Samuel Bonnet - mix
Recorded at the music faculty studio, University of Montreal, mixed at CIRMMT, Montreal

(mp3 - 7') , PDF sample








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